Mande Toubkin  presently is the General Manager Emergency, Trauma, Transplant, Disaster management and CSI Netcare, Company Netcare Healthcare Holdings PTY Ltd (Netcare).

Mandy completed her Dip General Nursing, Dip Midwifery (Honours), Dip Paediatric Nursing Science (Honours), Trauma Nursing (Honours), Hospital Nursing Management, Aviation Health Care Providers, FSA Interaction Management, Dip Medical and Surgical Nursing Trauma (Honours), Dip Medical and Surgical Nursing Critical Care (Honours), MSC(Masters) in Emergency Medicine.

Mande is the recipient of the Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders (FPNL) Leadership Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to leadership within the nursing profession in South Africa. Certificate of completion, Stanford University applied Compassion Training (ACT2022), Certified Jungian Coach (ACSTH – ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)(JCSSA 2023). Fellowships awarded by Emergency Medicine Society fEMSSA, Fellowship from The Academy of Nursing. fANSA Director Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa, Director Netcare Foundation.  Founding Member of the Centre for Compassion, Transformational Leadership and Safety in Health Care.

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