Programme at a glance

Friday 17 November  

10h00 – 12h00  Pre Congress Workshop – National Kidney Paired Donation
Developing  Kidney-paired donation in South Africa – provincial or national programme; logistics; costs; protocols and policies   

Official Congress Opening 

Session 1 - National Strategies, National teamwork, National co-ordination

  • The role of emergency medicine specialists and critical care specialists in organ donation

  • Flight for life – Essentials, experiences and expectations

Session 2 - Abdominal Transplantation

  • A 6-month experience of a high-volume living donor liver programme in Turkey

  • Debate – Malignancy surveillance protocols post transplant

Saturday 18 November 

Breakfast Symposium – ABO incompatible  Kidney Transplantation

Session 3  - Paediatric Transplantation

  • Transplanting the neonate and infants

  • Management Strategies for PJP Pneumonia in post-transplant recipients

  • Expanding the organ donor pool to improve allocation in paediatric patients

  • Debate – Hyperoxaluria:  combined, sequential, simultaneous kidney liver transplantation

  • Transplantation in paediatric patients with metabolic disorders

  • Debate – Transplanting paediatric patients with acute or chronic liver failure

 Session 4  - Aspects of Kidney & Liver Transplantation

  • Balancing donor safety and maximising the donor pool in a transplant constrained environment

  • Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD)

  • Application of the Swansons theory during organ donor management

  • Partial graft selection in a living donor liver transplantation: does size alone matter?

  • Long Term Surveillance of Living Donors

Session 5 -  Cardiothoracic Transplantation

  • Status of Xenotransplantation in thoracic transplantation

  • Managing the risk of donor derived, reactivated and acquired TB in lung transplant recipients

  • LVAD / ECMO as a bridge to transplant

  • Fungal Infections in lung transplant patients  

  • Case presentations

  • Concurrent Session – Nephrology  - CKD anaemia, desensitisation and antibody monitoring, Genetic testing in chronic GN, dialyzing the very small child


Sunday 19 November

Breakfast Symposium – Kidney Paired Donation    

Session 6  - Infection and Immunology

  • Update on immunology challenges

  • Debate -  Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder

Session 7 – Ethics in Transplantation

  • How the State Pathologist fits into the transplant process

  • Role of the Ministerial Advisory Committee

  • Patient testimony / Presentation

Hot Topics

ABO incompatible organ transplantation – moving into a new era
Are we ready for Paired Kidney Donation?
Simulation and debriefing in Transplantation
Donation after cardiac death – increasing the donor pool
Lessons learned from Transplant coordinators
Ethics in transplantation
XVIVO Heart Box

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