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Pre-Congress Workshop: Kidney Paired Donations (KPD)

Reaching agreement between centres of Kidney Paired Donations (KPD)

Post-Graduate School of Business, Cape Town

Friday 17 November from 10h00 – 12h00

All colleagues involved in Renal Transplantation are invited and encouraged to attend the 2-hour workshop.

The workshop will introduce the concept and process of KPD to the attendees and will outline the steps that have been taken to source a computer programme that is appropriate and affordable for the South African context. There will also be an opportunity to discuss logistics and practicalities related to starting the programme.

Dr Zunaid Barday will present the Medical and Immunological background of KPD programmes (ABO incompatibility, highly sensitised patients, HLA antibody issues etc). Dr David Thomson will present an overview of the process of sourcing a computer programme that is applicable and affordable for the South African situation and how the programme functions.

Sr Fiona McCurdie will lead a discussion with the attendees covering practical issues pertaining to national / provincial sharing; costs of transport of bloods, kidneys and patients; private/public partnership; staffing requirements relating to increased workload; costs; MAC; confidentiality and anonymity etc.

The workshop is intended to be an information sharing session which will result in a wider understanding of the KPD process and of the logistical issues that need to be dealt with when formally initiating the programme.